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Regardless of what you may hear (or even believe), email is still a crucial linchpin in managing business relationships. While social media, PPC and search get more attention (and they're certainly important), email is still the primary tool in the sales and marketing executive's "toolbox." Consider the power of email:
  • 2.7 billion people use email
  • 91% of users use email at least daily
  • 45% of users cite it as their most commonly used channel
  • You're 7x more likely to originate a customer via email than other channels
  • 58% of users cite it as the first channel they go to every day

The problem is email is a "push" communication tactic, in a "pull" world and as a result, to be effective, a good email strategy is no longer enough.

In this 25-minute video, our founder & CEO, Doug Davidoff shares the key areas you must focus on to develop and implement an email strategy that drives revenue growth and results. Please note, Doug shares a lot of details in this presentation - it is literally the strategy we provide to our clients - so you will be asked to fill out a form before the video plays.