Accessing Content That Is User & Password Protected

So, you've been given access to content or information created just for you. Now you need to create your username & password to be able to access it.

We’ve created a protected-page for you, so only those with the proper credentials have access to the content on this page.

To get access, you need to create your user access or credentials. Below is the process to do so.

You will receive an email from with a link to register so you can access your content (see below). If you have already created credentials with us before, you will not get this email. You should use your existing credentials to log in.  If you don't remember your credentials, click on "Forgot Your Password" to reset.


Passwords for private content must meet the following criteria: 
      • Contains at least 8 characters, including 3 out of the following 4 components: an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, a number, or a symbol
      • Does not contain parts of the registration username
      • Does not contain alphabetical sequences (abc), numerical sequences (123), repeated characters (aaa) or qwerty sequences (qwe) from your keyboard
  • Some items of note: 
    • If you have not received your email, double-check that it is not in your spam folder. 
    • If it is not in your spam folder and you still haven’t received something after 10 minutes, contact Hannah from Imagine (hannah @ She will manually send you a reset email. 
    • After you log in the first time, HubSpot adds a cookie to the browser so you won’t be prompted to log in again unless you clear your cache/cookies on your browser.