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Diagnostic Scorecard


  • Engage
  • Advance


  • Position & seed insight-based conversation
  • Position our TPOV and value proposition in a holistic manner while avoiding the "we-do's"
  • Demonstrate our authority on the subject (of the scorecard)
  • Begin the transformation from latent and/or chronic pain to explicit and/or acute pain

Overview & Introduction:

Please watch this video to understand the strategy & psychology behind the scorecard and how to best use it.

How It's Used:

Where do we begin? The Diagnostic Scorecard is one of the most powerful tools in the demand generation & selling toolkit because it can be used in a variety of different ways. Here are some:

  • As a downloadable offer that highlights the improvements that you make and seeds your key insights
  • As a sales tool:
    • Account entry - position your conversation, seed areas of concern
    • Connect to authority - use with a non-authority contact to elicit feedback from authority persona or to introduce authority persona
    • Leave behind - a strong educational piece that can be used by lead/prospect in the future
    • Sales exercise - have individual(s) complete scorecard and facilitate conversation
    • A simple, yet powerful homework assignment - homework is a key component of a sales advance and the scorecard is a powerful and simple & easy use

The Process

  • Choose who will participate
  • All participants watch the video
  • All participants individually create 5-10 sample statements 
  • Combine statements
  • Review statements & discuss
    • The focus of the discussion is on key themes
  • Rewrite statements based upon discussion
    • Narrow statements (ideally to 15 - 20)
  • Vote on statements
    • 1 -Must, 2 -Good, 3 -Nice
  • Determine the final 10 statements
    • Confirm all key areas are covered
  • Determine the "qualitative question" that goes at the bottom of the scorecard
  • Name the scorecard
  • Create fillable pdf
  • Finalize