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Bridging The Lead Generation Chasm

You've designed a successful inbound marketing program. Your client is generating new leads and traffic is growing. But your client is still not happy and you may be worried that you won't keep the account. How can this be? How can you execute so well, but not get credit for your success? You've entered The Lead Generation Chasm Zone.

The reality is that no matter how well your inbound marketing program is structured, there is still typically a missing ingredient. A disciplined, proactive process to reach out to connect with those leads, qualify them and advance them to a sales qualified - and sales accepted - status. That process is what sales development is all about.

In addition to accelerating results with inbound leads, sales development also serves a complementary role to effective inbound and content marketing, by enabling you to target your efforts more specifically and ensure the right people at the right companies are exposed to your message. By targeting such outreach, you're able to close the loop faster and enhance the intelligence you have on your leads.



Be A Bigger Hero to Your Client...
And Add Passive Revenue to Your Business

Sales development programs are an ideal complement to inbound marketing and enhance the need and value of inbound programs. With our deep knowledge of the inbound approach, we can work with you to deliver a seamless, integrated approach for your clients, reinforcing your value proposition.

Our customized approach ensures that whatever your client's needs are, we can assist.

  • Build It - For larger organizations that already have the pieces in place, we can design the sales development process for them to ensure the maximum opportunity for success.
  • Lead It - For companies that need multiple sales development reps, not only can we design it, we can also lead it. In this approach, the sales development team is "owned" by your client, who is then able to leverage our systems, technology and management oversight.
  • Execute It - For those clients that need more sales qualified leads but do not have the resources (or desire) to justify building their own approach, they can outsource the entire process for a fully customized sales development program.

In addition to providing a crucial solution to your clients, you will enjoy referral fees and revenue participation. As part of our partner program, we provide a non-compete clause, so that your clients are always yours.  

If you'd like to learn more about how our sales development partner program works, simply fill out the form on your right.


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