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Implementation Services

Inbound Marketing

the-flywheelInbound Marketing isn’t what it used to be. It’s no longer enough to publish a blog post every week, create 1 - 2 landing pages to offer your latest checklist or ebook and then wait for the leads (and sales) to start rolling in.

Generating leads is easy, activating leads is not. Today most companies that have implemented inbound marketing or demand generation for years are experiencing Lead Activation Syndrome (LAS). They’ve filled their “top of funnel”, often with more leads than they can manage.

But instead generating higher volumes of quality sales conversations, opportunities and, ultimately, sales; it’s created more work, more complexity and more costs. Success has been diminished to creating incremental revenue growth, driven more by increased sales headcount and velocity than the leverage that the promise of Inbound was built on.

This means that to succeed your business develop:

  • A deep understanding of who your customer is, what makes them tick, what their problems and opportunities are and how they navigate their journey to address those problems and opportunities.
  • The assets that help your customers address their critical issues, whether they buy from you or not.
  • Strongly aligned marketing, lead generation, lead management and sales processes that align with you customer and their journey.

With Lift your Inbound Marketing efforts will be tied directly to your customer acquisition objectives and will be backed by data and metrics that enable you to assess, adjust and accelerate. Your Inbound Marketing program may not look like it did when Inbound was “invented,” but you’ll view it as an indispensable part of your revenue acceleration strategy.

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Inbound Marketing Services:

  • Inbound strategy
  • Campaign design
  • Campaign execution
  • Content development
  • Video strategy
  • Video implementation
  • Podcast production
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead activation
  • Website management
  • Growth-Driven Design (GDD)
  • Metrics, analytics & reporting
  • HubSpot Management
  • MarTech advisory & procurement

Content Experience Playbook

Utilizing content in a way that actually influences the actions and decisions people make requires focusing on five areas:

Content Experience PlaybookThe Right Content Mix

The type of content you use and how you choose to deliver your message and insight can be just as important as the content itself.

Ease of Accessing the Right Content at the Right Time

Each piece of content you create has a job to do. A strong content experience, one that generates revenue, ensures that every piece of content is aligned to the job that must be done.

How & When Content Is Used

Content is important, but context is crucial. An effective piece of content in one scenario but be highly effective in another (and vice versa). The utilization plan is every bit as important as the quality of the content created (and often it's even more important).

Promotion to Engage

If the right people don't know about your content or can't access it effortlessly, then your content won't produce results.

Measuring & Adjusting

If you're not measuring the effectiveness of your content, it's nearly certain that your content won't be effective. But, you must be careful what and how you measure, as because if you measure the wrong things or measure in the wrong way you'll struggle to make your content effort powerful.

Demand Generation

It doesn’t matter how good your product/service is, how hard your salespeople work or how well designed your sales process is if you don’t have a strong program in place to gain the awareness, attention and engagement of your target market.

The demand generation process can occur throughout the buyer’s journey, from the epiphany stage all the way through the decision stage; therefore it’s crucial you have the right strategy in place to create the right type of engagement at the right time.

  • Some of the key objectives of the demand generation process include:
  • Positioning your products/services appropriately.
  • Teaching the problem and influencing the decision criteria
  • Create curiosity and the desire to engage, investigate and to talk further.

In the demand generation phase you’re not “selling,” you're helping, challenging and guiding. Mastered, generates high-probability prospects, with an understanding of who you are, what you do and why it matters, and a commitment (and open mind) to move further with you. Another word for this is Sales Qualified Lead.

The first thing to know is that when you work with Lift, our goal is not to generate more leads; it’s to generate more revenue. More precisely, it’s to maximize the client lifetime value you are able to gain for the investments you make.

This means we take a holistic approach to demand generation. So while the primary metrics may focus on high-quality sales opportunity generation, you’ll know the opportunities created to align with your retention and customer success strategies as well. The net result is faster growth, higher margins, and greater customer retention.

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Demand Generation Services:

  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Account-Based Selling
  • Campaign optimization
  • Sales development/Market development
  • Direct mail
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Deliverability

CRM & Marketing Automation Implementation

The CRM & Marketing Automation Platform are at the core of any effective growth-focused tech stack.

If you’re looking to move beyond simply administering your applications to unlocking their potential to accelerate and eliminate friction, our team and approach may be what you’re looking for.

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CRM & MarTech Services:

  • Setup
  • Data migration
  • Database Design & Segmentation
  • Data cleaning & augmentation
  • Automation
  • Pipeline & Lifecycle Management
  • Integrations
  • Performance Reporting
  • Ongoing implementation
  • Ongoing advisory & coaching
  • Tech Stack Roadmap
  • MarTech Procurement


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