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Careers at Lift

A Little Bit About Us

Lift’s not your typical agency—and that’s by choice. Nothing against those who go down a more well-traveled road, but at Lift, we like to forge our own path. That’s because we’re smart, scrappy, and innovative—qualities that are built into Lift's DNA. 

Lift was founded when Doug Davidoff, our CEO, felt that agencies could not only be done differently, they could be done better. He wanted to test his hypotheses. (If you’ve ever met Doug, this probably won’t surprise you.) 

In his quest to make agencies better and more efficient, Doug surrounded himself with the current team of employees. It seems to have worked because, in the last few years, Lift's growth has not only been explosive, it shows no signs of slowing down. As a result, opportunities for Lift employees are also skyrocketing!

Who Lift Aspires to Be

If you want to know how people are going to perform, simply find out what they believe. Strategies, products and systems are all very important, but success comes from bringing the right people together.  

Our success is built on the core values we take very seriously. To learn more, check our our culture page.

Join Our Team!

At Lift, our culture of growth starts with our people. We look for employees who are smart, creative, empathetic, and fun. Once they’re part of our team, we support them by giving them opportunities to grow. At Lift, we recognize that employment is a two-way street and that jobs only work when they are mutually beneficial.

We’re not asking for our employees to be perfect. They just have to be “perfect” for Lift. 

What does that mean?

What We're Looking For:

  • Empathy - As the researcher and author Brené Brown says “Empathy fuels connection.” Success on all levels requires connection and it’s a quality Lift actively seeks.

  • Intellectual curiosity - Being smart is a given, but not all intelligent people possess curiosity. You’ll be a great fit if you’re always intensely interested in learning more.

  • A sense of humor - You have to be able to laugh at yourself. If you can laugh while rolling your eyes at Doug’s infamous dad jokes, bonus points!

  • A collaborative spirit - At Lift, we believe that we can push boundaries further as a team than we can individually. Independent work is important but so is the ability to collaborate.

  • Respect - For yourself and others. We never allow you to be treated with disrespect, either by clients or by other employees within our organization, and we expect you to treat others with respect.

  • Motivation - You want to make a measurable difference in clients’ businesses while advancing your own career. At Lift, we coach all our employees to bring them to the next level.

  • Willingness to learn from mistakes - Mistakes are part of the growth process. They’re inevitable, but they’re only useful if you’re willing to learn from them and course-correct. For example, at Lift, we all discuss our greatest learning and/or greatest failure at least once a month. Sometimes, there’s a deep dive. It’s never mean or personal.

What We're Not Looking For:

  • Ego - If you’re more invested in being right than in admitting your mistakes and learning from them, Lift probably isn’t for you.

  • A fixed mindset - We don’t want someone overly invested in the status quo. If you often say “But this is how things have always been done,” then you may be better suited for a more traditional environment.

  • Toxicity - If you let negativity fester, you won’t embrace the Lift mindset. We believe in radical candor and think it’s important to keep the lines of communication open.

  • A short-term fit - Ideally, we’re looking for someone who really wants to develop a long-term career. Lift is growing fast and we have lots of opportunities for people who want to step up and develop their skillsets.

  • A defensive personality - Sometimes, even the kindest constructive criticism stings. And that’s okay—we’ve all been there. But if you get defensive, close off, and are unable to course-correct, you’re not a great fit for Lift. We’ll listen as you explain your reasoning and will offer suggestions about how to approach things next time—and we’ll cheer you on when you’re successful!

  • Passivity - We’re looking for self-motivated people. That doesn’t mean you’ll be abandoned to figure things out on your own (you absolutely won’t be), but we do want people who will speak up when they run into difficulties or need some extra coaching to get through a rough patch.

Great Job, Great Benefits


Work where your heart desires

You can work from the North Pole if you want to...as long as you have Wi-Fi!

Fun, team-oriented atmosphere

We take our work very seriously, but never take ourselves too seriously. (And yes, nobody is immune - we all tease the CEO!)


Competitive benefits

We need to take care of ourselves too that's why we offer health, dental and vision.


Growth opportunities

Because we are growing as a company, opportunities to grow as individuals are a natural by-product.


Unlimited vacation

Sometimes everyone needs to recharge. That's why we offer unlimited vacation in addition to paid holidays!

Does Lift sound like a place you'd enjoy working? If so, join our team!


What Our Employees Have to Say

Lift has given me opportunities that I could never have dreamed of. The growth I've had here personally and professionally in marketing has been amazing. You will be challenged here, you will trip and fall more times than you can count, but if you keep getting back up and learning/growing from your experiences, you'll flourish. I've never worked with a team more dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our customers while also supporting one another internally.
Hannah Munoz
Community Manager
When I joined Lift I could not of dreamed of the amount of learning opportunities that came so quickly. Having a chance to work with executives on a daily basis is an exciting challenge, and a great way to gain experience in many different areas. Every day is a new adventure that I enjoy tackling with a tight-knit team!
Dylan Taylor
Marketing & Sales Operations Manager
To me, working at Lift means having the independence to plan a healthy work-life balance. At Lift, the culture promotes accountability and self-motivation. There are ample opportunities to move up within the company by being a self-starter. 
Katherine Colonna
Revenue Operations Specialist
I joined Lift as an intern while in college and after graduation worked my way to a full-time position. What I love about Lift is the people that I work with and their willingness to help. I came to realize a smaller team culture is best suitable for myself because everyone is so friendly and supportive, really expressing that close knit bond that is not as easy to find in a larger company. Lift involves a lot of communication within teams to connect our different outlooks and strategies. If you're looking for a career instead of a job, I couldn't recommend Lift enough.
Jacey Roth
Demand Generation Specialist
Lift is a place where you're free to test hypotheses, see how they work, and course correct. I find my colleagues are genuinely intellectually curious, and are focused on learning, collaboration, and getting things done. As a bonus, they're also really lovely people! 
Fiona Taylor
Head of Content
Lift has enabled me to grow into whatever areas interest me which allows me to create my own opportunities based on my ambitions. Through Lift, I’ve received invaluable exposure to key executives and thought leaders in the Sales, Marketing, Success, and SaaS industries way sooner than I would’ve at any other consultant or implementation partner. They give me the chance to get deeply involved in complex, interesting situations where I'm able to create lasting impact.
Drew Davidoff
Revenue Operations Director of Product & Analytics