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Companies that do not consistently create new insight-driven content are putting themselves at a tremendous disadvantage in comparison with those companies that are, due to the poorly designed, commoditizing buying processes that are quickly becoming the norm.

Content enables you to:

  • Teach 
  • Influence in ways that can’t be done exclusively by individuals (salespeople) 
  • Socialize and spread your point-of-view within a company to support the consensus-building that is so often necessary in complex sales 
  • Deliver stickier messaging
  • Create real value in the sales and marketing process

Integrating content to enable and accelerate your customer acquisition and success strategies is what Inbound Marketing and Demand Generation are all about.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing isn’t what it used to be. Generating leads is (relatively) easy, activating them is not. Today most companies that have implemented inbound marketing or demand generation for years are experiencing Lead Activation Syndrome (LAS). They’ve filled their “top of funnel”, often with more leads than they can manage. 

But instead of generating higher volumes of quality sales conversations, opportunities and, ultimately, sales, this has created more work, more complexity, and more costs. 

Learn how we effectively integrate Inbound Marketing into a strong Customer Acquisition & Success Process to accelerate growth and impact.

Demand Generation

ABM. PPC. SEO. The 3-letter (and more) acronyms are plentiful, but regardless of the strategy or tactics, if you’re looking to generate faster growth without further exhausting your resources (time, money, people & energy) then enhancing Demand Generation should be high on your list.

The demand generation process can occur throughout the buyer’s journey, from the epiphany stage all the way through the decision stage; therefore it’s crucial you have the right strategy in place to create the right type of engagement at the right time.

A strong approach to Demand Generation, one that is aligned and integrated with your entire customer acquisition and success program, generates the power of lift, creating momentum and making growth effortless.

Learn how the Imagine team can make that happen for you.

How to Manage and Win Inbound Leads