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Episode 4: Interview with Mike Weinberg (The New Sales Coach)

by Doug Davidoff | Jan 27, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Mike Weinberg, The New Sales Coach, shares his insights on effective prospecting, what an effective new sales process looks like and the role of marketing in driving more new sales.

Mike-WeinbergShow Notes

Mike shares several insights in this episode that everybody involed in growing an organization needs to hear. Some of the highlights of the conversation include:

  • The biggest challenge facing SMEs in sales.
  • What the right new salesperson looks like and why so many companies hire the wrong person.
  • The role of marketing in driving sales - and don't miss what he says marketers need to be doing to be relevant.
  • What a new sales process looks like - this is one of the simplest and most powerful insights you'll ever hear...it's worth the cost of a college education alone.
  • What successful prospecting looks like.
  • Why sales managers are dropping the ball...hint: it's not really their fault.

Mike is the bestselling author of two must read books on sales. Check them out:

Tech Tip

Does your email drive you insane? For years I've looked for a simple to use email tool that puts me in control of my email. In this episode, I talk about SaneBox (listen to the podcast to learn more).

You can learn more about SaneBox here.