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The RevOps Show

Go on an adventure every week with Doug and Jess as they work through common scenarios and issues companies are facing today with Revenue Operations.

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Navigate the energizing and challenging world of revenue operations. Join Jess Cardenas (Chief of Staff at Lift) and Doug Davidoff (CEO of Lift) as they dive into the exhilarating and sometimes daunting realm of revenue operations in their weekly podcast. Get ready to tackle your RevOps questions, explore real-life scenarios, and gain actionable insights to overcome your RevOps challenges. Each episode offers an authentic, behind-the-scenes experience where you can witness problem-solving in action. You'll leave not only enlightened but also with a smile or two.

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Episode 63: Playing to Win - Defining the Role of RevOps in Strategy

Starting off our show today Doug and Jess talk about the Monday between the weekend and 4th of July as being a liminal day. Doug also has a new group of hats he’s been rotating through recently, and the show wouldn’t be a show without Doug getting into baseball. Though his salty days are behind him, he thinks using his coaching signs will solve everything. Today is not an entire episode of Doug and his baseball signs. This episode Doug and Jess talk through the RevOps role and growth strategy....