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Episode 37: A Real-Life Coaching Session On Increasing Sales Qualified Leads

by Doug Davidoff | Jun 28, 2019 1:52:52 PM

Previously Mike had shown Doug that his traffic was up, yet no true quality leads were increasing alongside the traffic. Here Doug examines one of Seventh Sense's lead nurturing emails and gives Mike feedback on how to increase his chances at landing more meaningful conversations with qualified leads.  




Show Notes

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When you're thinking about your nurture, what's the purpose or objective? Mike says its purpose is to get a prospect to fill out a form, educate them on challenges they are facing, and show them Seventh Sense can help them. Does why they're getting the email matter? Mike responds with no, well maybe, now that you say it no. These emails that Doug and Mike look through seem to have five jobs to be done all with conflicting objectives. The true problem here is that there's not enough prospecting time to be able to turn these leads into meaningful conversations. 

The problem that Seventh Sense solves isn't one on send or delivery time; it's an engagement issues. The issue is either going to be acute or chronic and is either going to be explicit or latent. Depending on where your leads is sorted (acute/chronic, explicit/latent) will determine how you should interact with them. What you don't want is to fall into the "best friend syndrome" with them. This means if you're teaching them about issues they have along with giving them a solution, they'll never buy from you. Yet, if you teach them about their issues and about the value they can get from your service, you'll be in a better position to have more of those sought after meaningful conversations.