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Episode 53: Interview with Geoff Atkinson - The Future of SEO

by Doug Davidoff | Mar 6, 2020 3:00:00 PM

When it comes to SEO you have a choice. You can either participate in the economy or not, and frankly you probably should be participating. On this episode of The Black Line Podcast, guest Geoff Atkinson from Huckabuy joins Mike and Doug as they discuss the future and skepticism of SEO. 





Show Notes

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Editor's Note: Some of the questions asked in this episode have never been asked before, so grab your notes and be prepared for the insights. 

SEO has changed a lot. How everything is displayed has changed, and things are much more complicated now because the SEO tricks we used to use don't work anymore. There's a lot of voice search that Google is heading towards, and there's new enhancements to search results. People throw around the term technical and Doug questioned the definition to that term. By technical it means that a lot of changes have to be done to the site for better SEO. Geoff also brings up the fact that you're able to show Google a different site than what you actually have through something called Dynamic Rendering. The content has to be similar, but you can give Google a completely different site. 

Doug asked whether SEO is still a place where you can out-think your competition (i.e. not have the biggest budget and win the SEO game). And to that Geoff replied: yes. There are key players that are dominating, making it harder for small businesses, but the mid to long tail keywords never ends. The tail is always available which is the most profitable segment because people know exactly what they want. No matter what size of business you have, there's always opportunity from an SEO perspective. The only major threat currently to the subject is voice search because no one has nailed the voice search game. So what's next to SEO and voice search? Maybe speech to screen. Geoff, Mike and Doug share their opinions and thoughts on the subject towards the end of the episode.

If you'd like more information about SEO or Huckabuy, start here by viewing their website!