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Don't Have Time To Blog? Thanks!

by Doug Davidoff | Feb 18, 2010 4:29:11 AM

Last night, I spoke to the Baltimore chapter of The American Marketing Association.  The topic was blogging and its place for businesses.  One of the attendees came up to me after the presentation and said what I've heard many, many times - "Everything you said was great and I agree with it all (okay, I don't hear that all the time), but we just don't have the time to do it."

Side note: For purposes of this conversation, I will use "blog" and "content" interchangeably.  I think a blog is a great way to distribute content and support engagement, but whether you or your company "blog" is less important than do you create meaningful, valuable content for your market on a regular basis.

For those that say you don't have time, I share three simple responses and a bonus thought.

1.  Today there are only two types of companies - which are you?

Best companies and people do things that me-too companies don't - and they get rewarded for it.

2.  There's a HUGE conversation taking place...

... are you participating in it?

3.  Here's the difference blogging and content marketing has made for Imagine, you tell me - is it worth it?

Final Thought

If after all this you still can't bring yourself to make the investment (of time and energy to do it yourself or money to have others do it), then on behalf of all those who are blogging, we say thank you.  The more people who don't take it seriously, the greater our advantage is.

What do you think?