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Favorite Post: Never Forget the Core Reason People Buy From You

by Doug Davidoff | Dec 31, 2013 1:30:00 PM

For our last post of the year, and the last post of our favorite series, I share my favorite posts.  When we decided to do this, I thought picking only one post would be difficult.  The reality is that I had no problem choosing one. 

For all of the concepts and posts that I've written, one stands out for me.  In many ways, the post, Never Forget the Core Reason People Buy from You, is what this blog has been about.  Success in business begins first and foremost with having a product or service that is worth something.  All the of the strategies, tactics, ideas and stories that I share are only good to the extent that your product/service has the ability to stand out.

As we begin 2014, make it a focus to focus and reinforce your core.

Happy New Year to all.  Everyone at Imagine Business Development is excited to share the future with you.

Never Forget the Core Reason People Buy From You

CoffeeI love coffee shops. For some reason, my neighborhood is a magnet for gourmet coffee establishments. There are seven within a three-mile area (and I live in the suburbs).

One small shop has been my absolute favorite since I moved here years ago. It’s a fun place to hang out. They do all of the little things right. The barista’s have personalities, they’re fun, and they’ve make me feel welcome.

The problem is that over the last month, more times than not, when I arrive there, eager to be re-caffeinated by my friendly baristas, they have been out of coffee.

Call me rigid and dogmatic, but I believe for some reason that one thing a coffee shop should not do is run out of coffee. Every morning that I have to stand there and watch my coffee brewing gets me more steamed than the milk in a latte. The barista who seemed so charming feel much less charming.

My little coffee spot is under new ownership. One of my favorite barista’s decided to buy the place. She is passionate about the place. She’s installed new floors, added to the food menu and added a greater selection of coffee. Her excitement and effort have increased business noticeably. She must remember, however, that people go to coffee shops for coffee.

This is a lesson for every business to keep top-of-mind. If you do everything great, but you don’t have the coffee, you have failed. If you spend so much time “adding value” but you lose sight of the reason why you exist, you won’t sustain growth.

This morning I arrived for my 7am cup. I saw several cars in front of the shop and bet myself that the place would be out of coffee. Sad to say, I was right again. I feel terrible about it, but my loyalty to the place has been replaced by irritation and distrust. A cup of coffee can be a very personal thing. They’ve let me down, and I take it personally.

Where will I go for my coffee tomorrow morning? I don’t know.

Until next time, Doug