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[VIDEO] How to Successfully Manage the SQL Handoff

by Doug Davidoff | Jul 11, 2017 5:15:24 PM

successful-sql-handoff.pngOne of the biggest (if not the biggest) changes in sales over the last 5 - 7 years is the emergence of the sales development process. Businesses have come to realize the growth benefits of specialization in the sales process, and the impact that dedicated prospecting has on increasing the strength of the pipeline while also optimizing the overall process.

While sales development is certainly a powerful process, it is not without risk and it requires a well-thought out and disciplined approach. While effective sales development drives growth, when it's ineffective it increases costs, is disruptive to everyone on your sales team and frustrates you customers. This is why a strong playbook is crucial to the implementation of a dedicated prospecting strategy.

The linchpin in sales development lies at the handoff from the SDR to the sales executive. Orchestrating this play is crucial to gaining the results you desire. Having worked with many companies in building out prospecting and sales development programs, while also implementing programs for ourselves and our clients, we've seen firsthand the misunderstandings, myths and barriers that restrain success. In this video (no registration required) I share the strategy and tactics behind a successful handoff, as well as tips to making it work.

Video Guide

0:00 Intro
1:13 Why The Traditional Approach Is Failing
4:41 The 3 Parts to Your Revenue Generation Engine
6:10 Designing Your Marketing & Sales Funnel to Scale
7:48 The 5 Attributes of a Good SQL Definition
11:26 Why BANT is a Bad Definition
13:13 The Implications of the SQL Handoff
15:29 Aligning the Handoff
18:56 The Keys to an Effective SQL Handoff

When designing effective growth processes, you must isolate and address the barriers and issues accurately or you risk creating more problems than you solve. One of the primary places where this happens is when companies mistake ineffective sales processes with ineffective lead generation or lead management.

By following the tips in this video you can be sure that you're both allocating your resources effectively and ensuring that you're focused on the right actions.