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Is Your Website Worth Reading?

by Doug Davidoff | Aug 15, 2007 1:24:08 PM

Despite the fact that it is more difficult than ever to get and keep people’s attention – the opportunity is also greater. People are spending more time online and a recent study by Online Publishers Association indicates that they are spending more of their online time with content.

It has been said before – and I’ll say it again – “Content is king!”

Time and time again, I hear business executives (who, by the way, regularly use the web to find information) tell me that their market is different – that their customers don’t use blogs or the web as frequently as other industries. They say this in an effort to justify the lack of resources (time, money and effort) that they put into keeping their websites relevant, up-to-date and interesting. They complain that actively managing a website takes a lot of time (too much time, they say), and where’s the pay-off?

This study demonstrates that if the content is good, people will spend more time – NOT less with it. How’s your content? Is it worth reading? Is it worth spending time with? If you were a prospect of your company, how much time would you spend on your website?

Here’s the question that every fast growth executive should be asking themselves: “Whose content are my client’s and prospect’s spending time with?”

If it’s not yours, what are you doing about it?