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Stop Letting Your Salespeople Down

by Doug Davidoff | May 7, 2012 5:33:00 AM

The days of sending your salespeople into the field (or allowing them to wait for prospects to come to them) armed with product brochures, company glossies and boring PowerPoint presentations and expecting them to "dig deep," "discover," engage and close are over!

Today's world is too tough and too competitive, you're customers are too time-pressed and overwhelmed with other issues, and your salespeople must deal with unprecedented complexity.  Your organization can longer leave it to each salesperson to manage their sales effort independently.

Great companies have seized the opportunity presented by this challenge and are investing the time and resources necessary to create an organizational approach to sales.  These companies understand that to gain an advantage and drive powerful results, the organization must provide their salespeople the:

While investing in this effort is certainly an undertaking, the pay-off is huge.  Companies that successfully implement this approach see their salespeople produce 200% more than the average in sales, while the profit difference is typically 4x - 10x average.

Plus, these companies build a momentum that makes sales and growth almost effortless, while the companies that are still doing things the old way are finding the market increasingly difficult and treacherous.

And please note, if you have great salespeople that are successful even without this type of support, you're in grave danger of losing those salespeople to organizations that provide this support, where they'll make more money and not have to work as hard.