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[Video] The Most Important Metric to Predict Growth

by Doug Davidoff | Apr 29, 2016 3:00:00 PM

lead-velocity-calculator.jpgWe talk a lot about metrics at Imagine. There are some good reasons for it. Among others, it's one of our core values and without good data to back your decision-making, you're just guesssing, and that's no way to build a predictable and scalable demand generation process.

While key performance indicators (KPI) like leads generated, cost per lead, cost to acquire a customer and win rates get a lot of the attention (and they are important), none of those are particularly useful in accurately predicting the future growth of your company. And without a metric to fill that hole, there's a crucial blind spot in your demand generation strategy.

In this edition of The Demand Creator Minute, I highlight the best metric to use and we provide you with a tool to figure yours out.

What is that metric?  It's called Lead Velocity.



Calculating your qualified lead velocity provides you a real time look into the key input for growth. Used effectively it allows you to assess the effectiveness of your top and middle of the funnel efforts and allows you allocate your resources more effectively. If you're not using it now, be sure to add it to your dashboard.


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