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Why You Should Have Your Hip Replaced Now

by Doug Davidoff | Aug 23, 2010 3:54:52 AM

Studies show that the healthier and stronger you are, the faster you recover from major, reconstructive surgery.  Additionally, with average lifetimes increasing to record lengths, and the fact that people live more active life styles to a far, far older age than previously; it’s really not a question of “if you will need to get your hip replaced,” but rather “when will you get it replaced?”

With such evidence, clearly you should have your hip replaced today when you are young, strong, and healthy.

Of course, I’m kidding.  The above rationale is silly and moronic.  Unfortunately, it mirrors the way the vast majority of salespeople sell.

Equipped with “solution selling” skills, packed with features and benefits, salespeople launch into their solution before their customers understand their problem.  Armed with their logic, sellers waste countless hours and money peddling solutions looking for problems, working harder and harder to convince customers they “need” what they are selling and they need it now!

A far, far more effective approach is to focus in on the problem.  Work with your customer to understand what isn’t working like it should, what’s the impact of the problem and what’s causing the problem.

Spend the time to help you customer/prospect understand the status quo – and the cost of the status quo.  When your customer understand the deficiencies of the status quo, you’ll be ready to collaborate on developing and designing the appropriate solution.

Remember that solutions are worthless until the problem is fully diagnosed and understood.