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Your Message Is Not What You Say

by Doug Davidoff | May 12, 2011 4:20:00 AM

messagingAs a result of a very successful first quarter, I'm in the midst of working with several new clients on their go-to-market strategy.  A central portion of our process The INTELLIGENT GROWTH Blueprint is the development of an effective market message.  Every time I go through this exercise with companies, I'm reminded why so few companies - I'd say somewhere around 5 - 10% - have an effective message.

The mistake that 90% of companies make is that they think that a message is merely the words you use to describe your company and get people to "get it."  I even had a client plead to me, "Just tell me what we need to say so that more people will buy from us and we'll say it."

Oh...If only it were so easy.

To be as clear as possible:

Your Message Is Not What You Say
Your Message is Who You & What You Do

It is only when you words completely align with who you are (Authennticity), the actions you take and the feeling people have about you that your message can truly resonate.

The biggest, most common and most destructive action made in messaging happens when you focus on the words or sales tactics first.  You must first determine where you stand, who you are and why you should win before you can begin any effectively develop the words you will use in your message.