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Episode 8: Interview with Gini Dietrich (Spin Sucks)

by Doug Davidoff | Jun 9, 2016 2:49:10 PM

Episode 8 features a fun conversation with Gini Dietrich about what public relations really means today to small and mid-size B2B businesses. As founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, author of the PR and marketing blog, Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing In the Round, and co-host of the podcast Inside PR, Gini has a lot of great insights to share.

Show Notes

Gini_Dietrich_Photo.jpgAs a pioneer in integrating inbound marketing tactics with traditional public relations experience, Gini has a unique perspective on how small to mid-size B2Bs should create their strategy. 

Highlights of our conversation include:

  • How PR has changed over the last 10+ years.
  • What small to mid-size B2Bs should really be focusing on from a PR perspective.
  • Three areas of focus all marketers and owners need to realize - you may be surprised by one.
  • Tieing revenue to PR and marketing efforts.
  • How to approach the media side of PR.
  • The importance of building community and where to start.

In addition to the blog, Spin Sucks, Gini has also written a book of the same title. Click here to learn more. You can also connect with Gini on Twitter @ginidietrich or @spinsucks.