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The RevOps Show

Go on an adventure every week with Doug and Jess as they work through common scenarios and issues companies are facing today with Revenue Operations.

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Navigate the energizing and challenging world of revenue operations. Join Jess Cardenas (Chief of Staff at Lift) and Doug Davidoff (CEO of Lift) as they dive into the exhilarating and sometimes daunting realm of revenue operations in their weekly podcast. Get ready to tackle your RevOps questions, explore real-life scenarios, and gain actionable insights to overcome your RevOps challenges. Each episode offers an authentic, behind-the-scenes experience where you can witness problem-solving in action. You'll leave not only enlightened but also with a smile or two.

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Episode 75: The Cookieless Future: What it Means for RevOps (Feat. Drew Davidoff)

Let’s give a warm welcome to our Director of Product and Development, Drew Davidoff. Drew joins the show today to discuss his insights and take on the cookieless future and the impact it’ll have on Marketing and RevOps.

Episode 67: What is Go-to-Market Strategy & How to Define It

While the term Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy has been around since the beginning of business-time,...

Episode 58: The "Oh Shit!" Moment - Why POV Insights Beat Thought Leadership

The energy today is a little low, but the insights still pack a punch. Doug is still a little...

Episode 45: Interview with Paul Roetzer - Accepting AI

We get to have a conversation today that has been on Doug’s list for a couple of years now. Today...

Episode 18: The Ideal Client Profile: Who's Your Who & The Single Most Important Question Your Business Can Answer

Is it 2023 yet? Because it sure feels like it and we’re only in the middle of March! That’s okay...