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Episode 50: 2020 FOMO Nominations

by Doug Davidoff | Jan 14, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Every year there's something hot that comes out that everyone has to jump on. If you don't jump on it, you end up feeling left behind. That's right we're talking about FOMO. In the first episode of 2020 Mike and Doug dive into FOMO nominations for this year.





Show Notes

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A few days ago there was a tweet put out asking people what application they hated to use. There were companies in the responses like Marketo, Salesforce and Wordpress but not a lot of (if any) for HubSpot. Both Doug and Mike are big fans of HubSpot and they both enjoy the progress HubSpot is making with their product. Their marketing hub and sales hub are fire and their service hub is becoming something. Doug had to laugh thinking bout when he first started using HubSpot because they would never use the term marketing automation to describe their product. Instead they coined the term Inbound which ended up becoming something big and something everyone looked to have. 

Which brings us to FOMO. In 2018 it was conversational marketing. In 2019 it was AI. Now in 2020 it appears to Mike and Doug that the nominations go to account based and video. Account based is being looked at like it's a brand new thing, yet no one can explain what it really is. The thing is, account based is B2B - that's just the way it works. Regardless of what the FOMO ends up being this year, you have to understand how to avoid the FOMO. Mike recommended that you try out whatever the trend is, but on a smaller scale. Once you have something built out, try it and then iterate it until you find what works for your company. Don't wait for the perfect campaign to do something. Doug recommends that you be clear on the game you're playing and play your game. Don't worry about what others are doing, and don't be afraid to walk away especially if the trend doesn't match with what you're doing.