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Episode 30: What Worked (and Didn't) for us in 2018

by Doug Davidoff | Jan 4, 2019 10:00:00 AM

While most marketing organizations are making predictions about the next year, we're looking back at 2018 and what we can learn from it. Doug and Mike review the year of 2018 and discuss what worked (or didn't) for them. 





Show Notes

Black Line Podcast_Web_2-1A new year is always a great time to look back and evaluate what worked or didn't work for your business. Doug found that getting back to basics and measuring less worked for Imagine this year, while Mike saw how a change in blogging strategy and an increased focus on process and reporting created results that were meaningful to him. On the other hand, both Doug and Mike noticed that the decision to implement chat had very little effect and wasn't relevant to the stages in the buyer's journey where the tactic was used. Doug also realized that he failed to use interactive content as planned, while Mike saw failures in Seventh Sense's use of Facebook Advertising.

Doug and Mike also used the opportunity to look forward, and create some New Years resolutions for their business. Both are looking forward to what 2019 has in store.