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Episode 36: Content Strategy:  Owning vs. Renting Attention

by Doug Davidoff | Jun 24, 2019 10:13:25 AM

Emails today get a bad reputation. Why? Well, because we abuse the channel. In this episode, Mike and Doug dive deep into some hot topics regarding email, audiences, and content strategy. 




Show Notes

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Would you rather own or rent your audience? Having 100% of either those options isn't the right answer. The only way to move a high growth plan without raising millions of dollars is you have to build an asset of attention. This means you have to own it. So then what are your ownership tactics? Doug poses the question - what would the impact on a B2B be if marketers put half of their thought process into emails rather than search? Both him and Mike agree that the impact would be massive. You can't have impact or own your audience with a rental channel because you don't own the ability to reach the audience. 

You can reach your audience through email, but how did you get their email addresses assuming you didn't buy them? You had to have done something to get each one of them to come to your website. Oh, and just because someone doesn't click on your email doesn't mean you didn't create any value. If I'm in your inbox (or any company for that matter), I made an impression in your mind whether you realize it or not.