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Episode 14: How Content Will Grow Your Business with Gini Dietrich

by Doug Davidoff | Apr 12, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Gini joins the podcast to talk about how you can use content to grow your business. We’ll discuss what’s changed over the years, what she’d do differently if she had to start over and her best tips and recommendations for using content for business growth.





Show Notes

Black Line Podcast_GiniDuring this episode of The Black Line Podcast, we talk about content in relation to growing business. Gini says that when she first started out, no one knew what they were doing. Now there's a lot more information on how to do it today...and if she just started today, she wouldn't blog. *Cue the record scratch* what?! 

We dug in a bit more and realized that she would still blog, but more strategically. "I would do contributed content for other sites. I'd go for sites with a domain authority of 30 and build up."

So the idea is to still create content, just more strategically. Our biggest takeaway is the need to provide value in the content you create. In today's business world, you have to have a point of view and you have to deliver it in a quality way.

Be sure to check out Gini's website here and her book here!