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Episode 51: Interview with Kyle Jepson - Navigating Sales Organization Transformation

by Doug Davidoff | Jan 24, 2020 1:00:00 PM

How do you always manage to take a boring topic and turn it into something interesting? Ignorance. Be ignorant and curious. Talk about stuff that you don't know about or stuff that you find fun. On this episode, we welcome the man, the myth, the legend, Kyle Jepson to the show. He talks to us the changing nature of sales and how to teach salespeople and sales leaders, sales.





Show Notes

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There's a dark side of sales that people don't experience unless they're in or have been in the field. Because of this, Kyle has a deeper appreciation for those he works with that are currently in a sales role. Also thanks to his background in sales, he now researches and puts together courses and videos for individual sales reps to help teach and train them. In doing some reviews of his work he found that many of the people that watch his courses only do so because they were told to by their bosses, not because they wanted to. They continued to mention that he could improve if his videos were shorter, but how do you get a video to be 30 seconds and still teach all the important information? Doug thinks there's a misreading of the data here, and that it isn't that the content needs to be shorter, but that it's not of value to that particular person. Like Kyle says, if people don't have the time for you it's because you aren't giving the information to them the way they need it. 

On top of juggling improving those videos, Kyle is branching out this year to research and provide content to sales ops and higher roles within a company. Yet there's the question of "how do I reach these people and who exactly should I be reaching out to?" With this topic there's no single best way to approach it to which (shockingly) Mike and Doug agree. The best thing to do in this situation (he thinks) is to sit down, find and talk to those who have been in this situation before or have some insight into this side of things. And if you have any ideas or anyone he can talk to, reach out to him via LinkedIn. There's a lot of puzzles to solve this year. Asking questions and researching can lead into something wonderful.