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Episode 31: Should you be Opaque with Pricing?

by Doug Davidoff | Mar 26, 2019 1:26:01 PM

Mike decided to take the pricing page off of his website, because of how it was affecting the expectations of his prospects. Doug disagrees with removing the pricing page from any SaaS website. Heated debate ensues, don't miss it!





Show Notes

Black Line Podcast_Web_2-1In their first podcast recorded since the new year, Mike explains why he took his pricing page off of his website. He thinks that salespeople need to understand and identify the procurement process of a prospect before they can be able to offer pricing. He cites requirements for service agreements, other SaaS companies pulling the pricing page, and fixing what is a sales process issue. Mike argues that prospects have special needs, and that the pricing on your website might not reflect the adjustments that will inevitably need to be made. After all, setting false expectations are a major reason deals fall through.

Doug believes that only those who suck at selling hide their pricing. He says hiding your pricing is not solving for the customer, its solving for the sales organization. Without obvious pricing, the customer cannot be sure that the deal is win-win.