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Episode 55: Selling in Difficult Times

by Doug Davidoff | May 15, 2020 2:00:00 PM

What do you do as a salesperson or a sales organization to sell in a beyond difficult market? What do you need to do to survive? Mike and Doug discuss how to better approach prospects and what salespeople should focus on more to enhance their strategy for good and bad markets. 





Show Notes


There is a worry that people are beginning to move to a place of complacency, and both Mike and Doug believe we haven't touched the bottom of this recession yet. In the midst of it all, there's still the major question of how do you sell in a beyond difficult and ambiguous market? Every purchasing decision is a bet, and we are in a place where people have lost the context to decision-making to the point they don't know what bet to make. 

There's a saying that "Just because the fish are jumping in your boat doesn't mean you're an angler." In good markets there's more intent, so salespeople were able to survive by going around and looking for the fish that were closest to the top of the water. You really didn't have to be as strategic. The fundamental aspect of what happens when a market goes down is that intent disappears. Now you have to double down on the teaching point-of-view. Rather than figuring out how to help your prospects, you need to be able to teach them something. That way when they are able to make decisions again or are in a better position to buy, you're in the front of the line for who they want to talk to.