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The Black Line Between Sales & Marketing

The Black Line Between Sales & Marketing - think of it as sports radio for salespeople, marketers, and demand generators.

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Episode 74: Interview with Gabriel Marguglio - Using Video to Enhance Brand Affinity

Video is an intense medium, and while every business should think about including video in their business strategy and processes, most struggle with doing so. Why? There’s a lot of time and energy that goes into video production whether you’re new at it or not. Today’s guest is the CEO of Nextiny Marketing, a company that specializes in video. We welcome Gabriel Marguglio to the show to discuss how video can enhance brand affinity. So, as the guy that collects typewriters, how did he get here?

Episode 34: The Truth About Customer Acquisition Cost

One of the freshest and most often used buzz-words in sales and marketing is customer acquisition...

Episode 29: Does Traffic Matter?

For better or worse, marketers are obsessed with numbers. What's one of the biggest metrics they're...