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Episode 74: Interview with Gabriel Marguglio - Using Video to Enhance Brand Affinity

by Doug Davidoff | Apr 26, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Video is an intense medium, and while every business should think about including video in their business strategy and processes, most struggle with doing so. Why? There’s a lot of time and energy that goes into video production whether you’re new at it or not. Today’s guest is the CEO of Nextiny Marketing, a company that specializes in video. We welcome Gabriel Marguglio to the show to discuss how video can enhance brand affinity. So, as the guy that collects typewriters, how did he get here?




Show Notes

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Let's get into it!

Gabe came to video a few years ago after attending Inbound and hearing that companies needed to hire a videographer. Nextiny at the time saw the need of video from the customer side and decided to make it a priority, and the rest is history. 

Is it possible that video is important and overhyped / overrated at the same time?

People keep putting video into a hype category. The thing is, true fundamentals of marketing and sales need to be there first. If it’s done right, it has a lot of impact. By that Gabe means that video is part of your long term strategy. If you don’t have a sound and robust strategy, your videos aren’t going to make an impact. This can be said for a lot of things, not just video. This same thing applies to blogging, and any other type of content creation

So, how do you do video right? You just do it. Put something out there, measure it, evaluate, and iterate to make it better. The problem is people try to create the magic bullet to get one video to blow up, and that’s not how it works. You shouldn’t be aiming to have a viral video that blows up and gets a million views. For most businesses you should want 100 views from your audience, and you should want people to engage and talk about that video. 

It all comes down to knowing your audience and targeting them. Build content for them that they are going to enjoy, and keep iterating off of that. Viral videos are mainly ads made by huge companies. We’re marketers on a different playing field. Consistency is one of the most important things when it comes to video. Because of it, you’ll get better over time. 

What does brand affinity mean? 

Brand affinity doesn’t mean creating video all the time. What we’re doing here (the podcast) is brand affinity. People listen to you and they might hate it or they might love it, and that builds brand affinity because they want to engage with you. They like how you see the world. That creates a connection with your brand and entices them to engage with more of your website / brand.

Video can be interpreted as a threat and as intense. Video should create familiarity and comfort. We, at Imagine, do video because it saves a lot of time, not necessarily because we expect to get leads out of it. The thing that’s missed with video is that it’s an intense medium. It’s the heaviest medium to participate in because you have to invest so much into it. For every minute of video, it takes 3-5 minutes to push it live. That’s the part of the story that isn’t told. It takes time to create great content.

Everyone should think about including video in their strategy. And while some industries don’t need to do video consistently, some do. Ultimately everyone should be aiming to produce some sort of video content.

If you’re thinking of doing video or haven’t found a reason to do it, take 1-2 things that are inflection pints in your business and do a video on them. It’ll save you time and it’s better than having no videos. You’d be surprised what video can do for you and your company. 

So if there’s one thing you should take away, it’s that you should just do it. No matter what you do in an organization, whether you need to explain something or want to tell a story or something else, just create a simple video. Just do it.