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Avoid The We Do's

by Doug Davidoff | Jun 7, 2007 1:16:30 PM

Today, Katha, one of my coaches was working on some sales strategies with one our our clients who is a financial advisor. She finished her conversation with a warning that everyone should be aware of. I’d like to share it with you:

“Whatever you do, don’t fall into the ‘We do’ trap.”

What is the ‘we do’ trap, you ask? Whenever you find yourself telling prospects or clients what ‘we do’, instead of collaborating with them or leading the conversation, you are in the ‘we do’ trap. This is a direct path into ‘the commoditization trap.’ When you are telling people what you do, you are making three critical mistakes:

    • You are speaking a language your client probably doesn’t understand,

    • You are not focusing on uncovering the key results that your client wants to achieve, and

    • You are failing to focus the conversation on your compelling difference.

Instead of spending time telling prospects all of your ‘we do’s’; focus on enabling them to understand the problems they have and what they must do to solve them. Then, the only ‘we do’ you’ll need to share is: “We do that.”