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What Game Do You Want To Win?

by Doug Davidoff | Sep 13, 2010 4:43:12 AM

win-top-performance.jpgI had a great conversation with one of my favorite clients last week that I wanted to share with all of you.  I had just completed our Demand Creation Selling Bootcamp and as we were debriefing, the CEO asked me: “Doug, how precise do we have to be to be successful?”

My response was, “Well, it depends on what game you want to play and how you define winning.

“If you want to win the member-guest tournament, that requires one level of precision.  Want to win on the Nationwide Tour, well that requires another level.  Want to win a PGA Tour event, a major, several majors?”

He got the point.  When we shared this conversation with his sales team, I asked them, “At what level do you want to play?  At what level do you want to win?  Are you working that hard at mastering your craft?”

So, I ask you:

    • At what level do you want to play?
    • At what level do you wan to win?
    • Do you believe you can play and win at that level?
    • How hard are you working at it?

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