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Building The Bridge: A Story About How to Cut Your Sales Cycle In Half

by Doug Davidoff | Feb 12, 2006 12:08:11 PM

Imagine Media, the publishing arm of The Imagine Companies, has released a new book titled, “Building The Bridge,” the first in a new series of business education novellas written for entrepreneurs building fast-growth businesses.

The novella tells the story of Eddie, a successful financial advisor who is stuck in the trap of commoditization. The story follows Eddie as he discovers how to reignite his career by becoming an expert in the solving the problems his clients face instead of using the traditional strategy of only being an expert on the solutions he offers.

The series is written as a guide for entrepreneurs and sales professionals and is based on Doug’s decades of success in overly commoditized markets.

Davidoff is the founder of the Imaging Companies, a Maryland-based international business consulting firm and author of three previous books and co-author of “Parenting the Office.” His “Intelligent Growth” programs have helped hundreds of companies transform their sales process into one that creates value for customers.