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Carpe Opportunitas

by Doug Davidoff | Jun 9, 2009 9:56:41 AM

Seize The Advantage!  I'm seeing it.  Businesses and consumers are beginning to lift their heads out of the sand.  They're hoping - they're waiting.  What are they waiting for?  For someone to step up and really make their lives better - and I mean really.

seize-advantageWhat does that mean?  It means that those companies that step up and create and deliver on a resonating promise will see profitable growth - and loyalty - beyond their wildest imagination.  Companies that stop making buyers sacrifice will become the sellers of choice.  They'll gain such an advantage that it will be a generation before their competition will be able to narrow the gap.  Don't believe me - check out this study from The Kaufman Foundation.  I love the tile, by the way:  The Economic Future Just Happened.

Think about what that title means.  If you haven't radically changed your approach to the market, you're now behind.  So, ask yourself - and start answering:

    • What would you have to do to deliver a selling proposition that was so resonating your desired buyer wouldn't consider going anywhere else?

    • How can you make money doing it?