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Introducing Davidoff's Law - The "Moore's Law" of Marketing

by Doug Davidoff | May 1, 2007 1:03:28 PM

In 1965, Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, made an observation that has driven the growth of the technology sector since that time. Moore’s Law states that capacity per chip will double every 24 months while the cost of the chip will be reduced by one-half during that same two-year period. Moore’s Law was later amended from 24 months to 18.

When I was interviewed by The Baltimore Sun recently, I was asked what the future held for marketing and communication. That discussion led me to create what I am now calling Davidoff’s Law of Marketing. This new law states that the total amount of information available to people will double approximately every two years. At the same time, the difficulty of getting someone’s attention will double as well.

This means that the challenge of lead generation and starting productive customer conversations will only get more and more difficult as time goes by. So how can you escape the consequences of Davidoff’s Law? Here’s how: THE ONLY WAY TO BREAK THROUGH THE NOISE is to look at everything your company does through the eyes of your ideal customer.

This means you must:

  • Clearly understand who your ideal customer is

  • Learn everything you can about your ideal customer

  • Understand how your ideal customer looks at the world

  • Understand how your ideal customer views your company

  • Understand, better than your ideal customer, exactly what they worry about

When your message is focused through that lens, you can stand out, break through the growing avalanche of information and begin a conversation that your prospect will actually find compelling.