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Selling Done Right

by Doug Davidoff | May 15, 2012 10:46:00 AM

goofy_salespersonWhat profession is best suited for a liar?

How do you know when a salesperson is lying?

It’s unfortunate that salespeople have become the butt of so many jokes.  In the past I’ve written about pests, peddlers and Demand Creators, and shared the advantages to being a Demand Creator.

As the world continues to move forward from the deep recession, there are still not enough companies that are building the organizational capability necessary to consistently grow profits.  Selling, on the whole, is not creating the value necessary to support higher margins and faster profit growth for small and mid-market companies.

Ineffective sales efforts are actually contributing to:

    • Greater commoditization
    • Lengthening sales cycles
    • Greater price pressure

As I’ll be sharing next week in our free webinar on The 7 Steps to Shortening The Sales Cycle, businesses need to create a new path and implement new approaches to sales.  Now, more than ever, it takes an organization to sell effectively, not just a salesperson.

Done right, your sales effort is the most powerful, leverageable resource to accelerate revenue and profit growth, and to increase the value of your business.  Building the capability enhances your brand, allows you to bypass competition and serves as a virtually insurmountable competitive advantage.

Selling properly requires that you stop focusing on making a sale.  Instead, you need to focus on being relevant, helping your customers achieve their objectives and teaching your prospects how to improve their worlds.

It means slowing things down a bit, (really) putting customer’s interests first and understanding that sales, profits and business value are the result of a proper focus, and cannot be the focus.

When you realize that the job of sales is to help, and you build the system to make that happen, suddenly the sales process becomes easy.