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Solutions Are Worth Nothing

by Doug Davidoff | May 20, 2010 5:36:40 AM

If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, you know that I’ve talked a lot about the need to monetize the value of what you do.  In today’s Drought, merely talking about benefits is not enough to drive successful results.

I’m working with a great company in the Southeast who has taken this idea and is literally changing their entire approach to selling.  Recently, they sent me a list of programs and processes they offer to their clients.  These programs and processes are what makes their company a superior solution.  They were developing a worksheet to show to their prospects the value of each program rather than spouting the features and benefits.

It is here where Diagnostic Selling completely separates itself from traditional solutions-oriented sales.  In Diagnostic Selling, there is a key principle that you must keep in the forefront of your mind at all times:

Solutions Have No Value

A solution isn’t worth anything – unless it addresses is a specific problem for a specific customer. Think about it, what’s a computer worth?  It’s not worth anything if you don’t need one.

As I’ve discussed in several recent posts, you are always in one of two conversations – either “What’s it cost,” or “What’s it worth?”  When you focus on the solution, you cannot escape the “What’s it cost” conversation.

Therefore, the goal of your sales and marketing efforts should not be to value the solution, but to enable you prospects and customers to identify, understand, and value their problems.  When you do that your solution becomes far more valuable.