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Start With What Matters

by Doug Davidoff | Jan 28, 2009 4:24:58 PM

I have news (or at least what appears to be news) for most businesses out there - your prospects don't actually care about when your company was founded, where you are located, why you changed locations, when you did, or even what your cat's name is.  SO, STOP LEADING OFF YOUR PRESENTATIONS WITH SOME VARIATION OF About Us.

Clear?  Crystal?

Sorry for sounding so arrogant, but I just reviewed another presentation for a client with a glitzy cover page, then three pages about their history, and four pages showing pictures of the all wonderful things they've done.  Don't get me wrong.  This company has a great history, and they do wonderful stuff.  Just put that in the back of your presentation.

Remember, nobody cares about you until they understand how much they are cared about.  Make your presentations about your customers.  Lead off with their issues.  Demonstrate that you understand their problems.  Show them how you solve them.  Communicate the results they'll get for having worked with.  Who knows? Then they may not even need to know about your history to trust and buy from you.