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The Most Powerful Question

by Doug Davidoff | Mar 23, 2010 10:02:48 AM

If you could get your prospects to ponder any question, what question would best position your company as the ideal fit?

Stop for a moment and think about that - it's probably the most important question you'll ever come up with for your business.

The entire nature of marketing communication is undergoing radical change.  Today, successful communicators are moving away from traditional broadcasting approaches, and instead, are positioning themselves for influence.  A key step in this transformation is provoking awareness of problems rather than providing answers.

The challenge with 90% or more of the of marketing messages I see is that they are all solutions focused.  But, as I've written before, your solution is not my problem.  With so many solutions out there, customers can no longer afford to spend the time to fully understand what makes your solution different and better than alternatives.  As a result, they are increasingly reducing everything to its lowest common denominator (typically price) and sellers find themselves smack in the middle of the commoditization trap.

This is where your question comes in.  If you can get your customers and prospects to frame the issue with your question, then everyone else must play your game.  You'll stand out and enjoy more wins and greater margins.

Our question is: How must we change our go-to-market approach so that we will continuously drive increased profits?

What's yours?