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What Is Your Promise?

by Doug Davidoff | Mar 9, 2006 10:19:48 AM

Do you make a compelling promise to your audience? Can you tell your potential customers what they will get from working with you using no more than three sentences and taking less than 15 seconds? If you can, growth is yours for the taking. If you can’t, a Stuckpoint(tm) awaits.

Making a promise is often a very uncomfortable thing to do. You’re putting yourself on the spot. In fact, if you weren’t uncomfortable the first time you made a promise to a prospect, it probably wasn’t very compelling. Very few companies ever make a real promise to their customers. Then again, very few companies ever become great.

Here’s a sample of some compelling promises that I’ve seen (or helped develop):

I make your staffing problems go away.

When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.

We extend the life of your plane’s paint and interiors by at least two to three years . . . guaranteed.

The dance floor will be packed – guaranteed.

Low prices, everyday.

We’ll be there within 90 minutes or we’ll pay your deductible.

We solve the unique set of problems faced by the owners of businesses with more than one owner.

What’s Imagine Business Development’s promise?

We’ll cut your sales cycle time in half, while increasing your profit per sale.

Don’t forget though, making a compelling promise may not be easy. Delivering on it every second of every day is what makes you special.

What’s your promise? I'll post the best one's on my website.