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Episode 85: The People of RevOps - How to Build the Right RevOps Team for Any Business

by Hannah Rose | Mar 14, 2024 10:00:00 AM

In this episode of The RevOps Show, Doug and Jess have an in-depth discussion on building your revenue operations (RevOps) team. They provide guidance on the roles, responsibilities, and team structures for RevOps based on your company’s size and growth stage. 



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Pre-Show Banter: 

  • Jess looks “loaded for bear” today - like she’s ready for attack. 
  • Jess is excited to see Doug at the offsite, though she’s more excited to see Mickey Mouse.

Today is all about the people of RevOps. There is no one version of RevOps. RevOps needs to change as your organization changes. Where you are as an organization provides a great degree of context to what type, if any, RevOps function you should have. 

Pause here - if you haven’t read the blog post on this topic, do that now! Here's the link to the blog post.

You’ll want to listen to the full episode for all the details that go along with each business level. The TL;DR is: 

  • Small Business: there is no formal RevOps function
  • SMB: tactical RevOps is introduced into your small team or your hybrid 1 (hybrids defined below)
  • High Growth Small: full strategic outsource or you’re looking at hybrid 2
  • High Growth Mid-Market: hybrid 3 or a full strategic outsource
  • Mid-Market: either looking at your large team, which would be in-house or you’re looking at a hybrid where you’re outsourcing 

If you’re going to be running a RevOps team on an ongoing basis of 3-5 people, that’s where having a fractional person is high. A mid-market company needs more than 3-5 people. A midsize team, which is 5-8 people in-house could have a fractional person but they’d be stretching what they could do. A large team is 8-15 people with 5-7 of the disciplines being clearly identified. 

This comes with 4 different hybrids. 

  • Hybrid 1: you have an internal director, but they’re not strategy oriented. They’re a strong RevOps performer and they manage the team.
  • Hybrid 2: management fractional. It’s like Hybrid 1, but a bit more in-house because you have a fractional person.
  • Hybrid 3: you have a larger internal team and you’re outsourcing the specific element of strategy and design, leveraging a much higher function.
  • Hybrid 4: a mix of full-time with a lot of different variations and configurations of people.

Jess’s Takeaways: 

  • What are your teams and what are the areas of focus? 
  • If you’re outsourcing, ask yourself if you have these functions at your agency and how you approach those function should be considered. 
  • Pay attention to how you’re hiring a fractional role to get the most out of your RevOps team.

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