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Episode 93: Is RevOps Responsible for Education?

by Hannah Rose | Jun 12, 2024 10:00:00 AM

What does it mean for RevOps’s job to be education and centralization? Doug and Jess explore defining education, answer the challenging questions around RevOps’s role with education, and how context is a crucial element that ties it all together.



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Note: If you haven't yet, purchase The Revenue Acceleration Framework on Amazon or preview the first three chapters for free before purchasing the book. 

Pre-Show Banter: 

  • Jess is now hosting a podcast with a best-selling author.
  • The Revenue Acceleration Framework became a best-seller in multiple categories on release day, though there’s still confusion as to why the book appears in the list for financial risk management.
  • Jess is taking a few days off to prepare for the school year ending and it’s definitely not a staycation.

In a previous episode the idea that part of RevOps’s job is education and centralization came to light. This was a concept that made sense to Jess, but was something she hadn’t really thought about before. In today’s episode, Doug and Jess explore this concept of what it means for RevOps’s job to be education.

In doing research and asking ChatGPT, the top items RevOps should be teaching are: 

  • Sales process and methodologies
  • Marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Customer success and retention
  • CRM
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Process optimization and automation
  • Compliance standards

Are these what RevOps should be educating their teams about?

While these aren’t wrong, these aren’t right either.

Teaching these items isn’t about learning the items, it’s about getting in and doing something with them. The thing that’s missing when we go to teach something is context. In any situation the important question to ask is “what’s the context?” 

Where education can get in the way is it doesn’t always have a teaching point of view nor an enlightening experience. Having a point of view gives us a nudge. Not having one is sludge. 

What people are missing today is context. People don’t want to make choices which is why point of view is so important. We’re drowning in information. We need to understand the why behind the information we receive.

How do you get into a place of taking an approach to provide context as you’re trying to educate? 

Figure out what your way looks like. What is your MO? What is your economic model?

RevOps needs to be teaching, educating and evangelizing the point of view.

Jess’s Takeaways: 

  • Context is everything
  • Keep in mind the inverse friction principle


  • When looking at metrics, make sure you’re curating and prioritizing which metrics you’re using
  • Define the way and let the business process drive the technology

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