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The Black Line Between Sales & Marketing

The Black Line Between Sales & Marketing - think of it as sports radio for salespeople, marketers, and demand generators.

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Episode 46: What The HubSpot & Salesloft Acquisitions Mean For The Greater MarTech Ecosystem

There's been a lot of big news this week in the sales and marketing (or MarTech) world. In this edition of the Black Line Podcast, Mike and Doug question and speculate about the newest acquisitions of PieSync by HubSpot and Costello by Salesloft.

Episode 40: Scott Brinker: The Role of Martech in Marketing & Sales

Why are we doing less as a result of a solution that's supposed to enable us to do more? Guest...

Episode 38: Team Human vs. Team Technology - Where AI is Leading Us

Just because we can do it, does that mean we should? Doug and Mike explore the topic of AI, the gap...

Episode 28: Marketers Need to Be Technologists

Mike argues that marketers need to be technologists in order to be successful and iterate, but what...