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Happy Birthday To A Fast-Growth One-Year-Old

by Doug Davidoff | Aug 28, 2006 12:06:29 PM

Time certainly does fly when you are having fun. I’m reminded of this fact as I realize that The Fast-Growth Blog has been up and running for over a year now. What a year it’s been!

I knew that I would enjoy posting ideas on the blog. After all I love writing, I love sharing ideas and the opportunity to serve as my own editor seemed like too much to pass up. What I had no idea about what the impact this blog would have – on both my company and on readers. I’ve received tremendous feedback.

Last year has been more enjoyable that I could have ever imagined when I began the blog, and I expect the next year to be even better. I’d love to hear what insights you’ve gained from The Fast Growth Blog (just e-mail doug at imaginellc.com).

Here are the five insights I’ve tried most to communicate:

1. The Industrial-Age is over. Stop looking at life from the perspective of what used to be.

2. The Wisdom Age has begun. In the US today, every company needs to be in the intelligence business or they will be a commodity. This means that the primary value your company provides is not in your core offering, but in the application and effective use of that offering.

3. Stop focusing on what it is you think you sell; start figuring out what it is that your customers are buying.

4. Make a promise and deliver on it.

5. Be honest. Stop playing games with your marketing. You no longer control your business, your message or your brand – your customers do. Respect them.