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Hiring Salespeople? It's All About Capability

by Doug Davidoff | Feb 16, 2012 4:14:00 AM

Business owners and executives regularly ask me for advice on hiring salespeople.  What’s interesting is that about 70% of the time, I end up recommending that they do something other than hire a salesperson.

It’s a myth that hiring salespeople means you’ll make more sales.  What I want you to understand is that you are hiring a capability not a person. Hiring a salesperson should actually be your last option.

Here are three of the most common reasons that owners and executives tell me are why they want to hire salespeople:

    • They need more opportunities in the pipeline.
    • They want to “get more feet on the street.”
    • They want a salesperson to set things up so that a senior person can “leverage their time.”

All three cases are ripe for a sales mis-hire.  Why?  Because all three are better served by marketing efforts than by hiring salespeople.


When you begin thinking about hiring a salesperson, it is critical that you ask, and answer, three questions:

    • What is (are) the specific result(s) you want from this position?  (Side note:  It is not enough to say you want to increase sales, you must focus on the specific efforts that will be addressed that will allow sales to occur.)
    • What options or alternatives could you use to achieve that result?
    • Which option gives you the best chance for success?

As the saying goes … Hire slow.

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