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Successfully Hiring Salespeople

by Doug Davidoff | Mar 1, 2012 8:40:00 AM

For 25 years the most frequent question I’ve gotten about sales efforts deals with successfully hiring salespeople.  For small and mid-market companies (SME), hiring salespeople is the single, toughest and highest risk hire you can make.  It’s what led me to write The 10 Most Common Mistakes Made When Hiring Salespeople.

Studies show that the mis-hire rate is as high as 75%, and that the total cost of a mis-hire is between 10 & 20 times the expected compensation rate.

My philosophy has always been that I’d rather have a bad salesperson than a good salesperson.

  • When a salesperson is bad, letting them go is an easy decision and doing so minimizes the risk and cost implications.
  • When they’re good, it’s almost (key word – almost) impossible to let them go.  You constantly see the potential they have.  Plus, there’s the feeling that having someone out there is better than having no one.

The problem is that good salespeople is that they commoditize your offerings.  They never achieve that trusted advisor status that makes customers, clients and prospect truly value the salesperson or your company.  The opportunity cost with good is huge.

The reality is that SMEs need great salespeople to grow and thrive.  The problem is that most SMEs are not positioned to attract, recruit or retain great salespeople.

It is for this reason that I’ve put together my best thoughts, experiences and process that I’ve developed over the last 25 years.

I’ll be sharing my insights in our March 27th webinar:  The Secrets to Successfully Hiring Salespeople.

I’ll be sharing:

  • The 5 deadly myths that destroy your ability to hire salespeople successfully.
  • The 4 sales roles, and how understanding those roles will multiply the effectiveness of your sales hiring.
  • How to develop a system that will make you company a manufacturer of great salespeople.
  • Develop effective measurements and metrics to ensure the wrong person doesn’t stay.

So join me on March 27th at 2 pm EST, and learn how to make the sales hiring process successful and predictable.