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A Roundup: The 6 Best Episodes of The RevOps Show

by Jess Cardenas | Sep 13, 2023 12:41:05 PM

What to Expect From CRM Implementation - Additional Resources (2)-1Ah, the harbingers of Fall—a slight nip in the air, back-to-school pics, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Whether you think PSLs are disgusting or delicious (I fall into the latter camp), the fact that Home Depot has already rolled out its Halloween decorations means that Autumn is right around the corner.

As we dust the sand off our flip-flops and bid farewell to summer, it’s the perfect time for reflections, round-ups, and revisits.

So we’re taking six weeks to share the Best of The RevOps Show. Doug and I have selected our favorite episodes and we can't wait to be sharing them with you.

We are revisiting the episodes on the air, but I also wanted to share our top episodes here, along with the reasons Doug and I chose these pieces.

And in case you long for the numerous eye rolls I direct at Doug during each and every episode of The RevOps Show, I’ll link to the video episode, as well as the audio edition. 

Here are our top 6, in no particular order. Enjoy!

The Best of The RevOps Show Round-up:

1. Episode 17: In Pursuit of the Perfect Database - Jess’s Pick

The pursuit of the perfect database is something that I really believed in for a long time. As I have worked in a myriad of databases over the better part of a decade, I have realized that the “perfect” database is a myth. A database shouldn't be judged by its perfection, but by its impact on your velocity, by throughput optimization, and by successfully achieving your revenue objectives. Getting to that database is half the battle. I chose this episode because Doug challenged me on having a “perfect” database that changed my perspective. It might just change the way you look at your database.

2. Episode 21: What is System Design & Why It's a Core Element of Strong Revenue Operations - Doug’s Pick

RevOps is only as good as the design of its operating system. Put another way: your system is perfectly designed to get the results you're currently getting, so if you want to change your results, you need to change your system. But the problem is that you can't judge/assess your system from within it. I chose this episode because it digs into what the critical discipline of system design means. Jess and I talked about how structure can maximize your value and help you manage trade-offs to ask better questions and make better decisions. 

3. Episode 23: A CRM is Only as Good as Its Configuration - Jess’s Pick

How do you get the most out of your system to meet your goals? Everyone says that they want it simple. The goal of your CRM should not be simple, it should be complete. I chose this episode because Doug and I Dive into how you define what “complete” is, what the real problems are with your CRM, and how your problems impact your CRM configuration. 

4. Episode 34: The Role of the Solution Architect - It's All About The Business Process - Doug’s Pick

Our prime directive guides us in everything we do, and one place where that shows the most is how we view solutions. As the role of RevOps has grown, the focus on "solutions" and "architects" has multiplied. This episode guides listeners on what this means and the most important considerations which is why I chose this episode. A strong solutions architect can be your competitive advantage. 

5. Episode 40: What to Expect When You're Expecting a CRM Implementation - Key Considerations - Jess’s Pick

The four most dangerous and damaging words in any tech implementation: "All we need is." People want outcomes that come from effort, cost, and outcomes associated with a simple CRM build. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. I picked this episode because we cover key things everyone should have in mind when implementing a CRM and what the real cost of a CRM is. Doug and I also dig into how status quo can impact the implementation. (This episode was one of a five-part series. We had even more to say than we usually do!) 

6. Episode 48: The Impact of Sales Methodologies - Doug’s Pick

Sales and sales strategy is where I come from. It will always hold a special place for me. It's also "the last mile" for organizations. I see, too often, companies that are getting 80-90% right, only to falter when it comes to implementing their sales approach and methodology. If you want to scale growth, you must master a methodology, and in this episode, we do one of my favorite things—dispel popular myths to provide a no-BS perspective on what works.

I hope you enjoy listening to these episodes as much as we enjoyed making them! And if you’re new to The RevOps Show and enjoy our hot takes, please subscribe! If you’re feeling especially motivated, we’d love for you to write a review, because it helps us with the all-powerful algorithm.

In the meantime, Doug and I will be recording new episodes and you know what that means—more eye rolls!

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