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Why Dell, IBM and Intel are Able to Sustain Growth, pt 2

by Doug Davidoff | Oct 10, 2005 9:13:40 AM

My salespeople are too creative.

I don’t have time to develop or manage the process.

Successful salespeople don’t want to be scripted or constrained.

A process will make my people feel constrained.

These are just four of the common obstacles I hear when I talk with companies about implementing a formal, documented sales process. The truth is that these obstacles are just excuses that enable the management of a company to avoid the sometimes painful work of developing, implementing and coaching their sales people on such a system. Companies that fail to implement such a system gain the short-term benefit of avoiding difficult work, but suffer the long-term consequence of failing to build a sustainable growth foundation.

The reality is that successful salespeople prefer having a system. An effective system allows a strong salesperson’s talents and creativity to come out in full force. Successful salespeople know that an effective system enables them to be more successful.

In this way, salespeople are no different than athletes. If you have ever seen the movie Glory, about the 1980 US Olympic hockey team, you’ll see an example of what I am talking about. In the movie, Herb Brooks was being interviewed for the coaching position and explained that for the US to have a shot at competing with the powerful Soviet team it needed to develop a system that would enable lesser players to succeed.

History proved that Herb Brooks was correct (if you haven’t seen the movie I suggest you do). Implementing a documented sales process that is constantly and consistently reinforced in your company will put history on your side to.