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Episode 83: Riding the RevOps Tornado

by Hannah Rose | Feb 28, 2024 1:23:57 PM

Is centralization the right path to take? Doug and Jess explore the issues that come with focusing too much on centralization and efficiency.



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Pre-Show Banter: 

  • The team is going to Disney World and Jess is very excited to be going without kids for the first time, well super young kids.
  • Jess will be going to multiple parks prior to the team offsite, and her and Doug discuss whether she’ll be going to Animal Kingdom or Universal or not. 

Doug’s beginning to see a growing path within revenue operations. Sales and marketing operations gets heard less frequently. Efficiency left unchecked can lead to centralization. 

Centralization feels good. Is centralization a bad thing? It depends.

Too much efficiency becomes a problem. A large part of the basis in the argument for RevOps is to control chaos and to minimize chaos. It’s to create order. Minimize chaos, maximize order. 

Have you ever stopped to think about what is chaos in the sense of an organization? 

Chaos is variance; unpredictable variance. If you have too much variance, you can’t scale.

The real job of RevOps is velocity and throughput. It’s not speed and efficiency. 

RevOps’s job is to create an environment that enables a greater aligning of vectors. Here’s the problem with centralization and efficiency when you apply it to a world of sales, marketing and growth. Centralization and efficiency rely on perfect information. If you have all of the relevant information and that information is accurate, then centralization and efficiency is good. 

The only way you can avoid chaos is to sit and do nothing. RevOps doesn’t exist to eliminate the tornado. Do not kill the tornado because that’s where things happen. 

Bringing order is the wrong objective for RevOps. RevOps’s job is education and building the genius in the system. 

Jess’s Takeaways: 

  • I don’t know that we’ve talked about is job as education so much. 
  • Focus on throughput not efficiency. We don’t talk about throughput enough. We are so focused on efficiency. 
  • Map your business process.

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