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The RevOps Show

Go on an adventure every week with Doug and Jess as they work through common scenarios and issues companies are facing today with Revenue Operations.

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Navigate the energizing and challenging world of revenue operations. Join Jess Cardenas (Chief of Staff at Lift) and Doug Davidoff (CEO of Lift) as they dive into the exhilarating and sometimes daunting realm of revenue operations in their weekly podcast. Get ready to tackle your RevOps questions, explore real-life scenarios, and gain actionable insights to overcome your RevOps challenges. Each episode offers an authentic, behind-the-scenes experience where you can witness problem-solving in action. You'll leave not only enlightened but also with a smile or two.

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Episode 16: Stop Building Crappy Reports & Sh!tty Dashboards

Jess is really happy in today’s episode, but will she remain that way? It all depends on if Doug brings out the soundboard. (Spoiler alert: of course he’s going to bring out the soundboard!) Today’s topic is really exciting as Doug finally got to choose what to discuss - dashboards and reporting and more specifically, effective dashboards and reporting.

Episode 13: What Are Opportunity Costs & How Should They Impact Your Decision Making

At Imagine we have what are called The First Principles for Radical Execution. Here, we’re looking...

Episode 10: The Importance of Single Source of Truth (And How You Can Have More Than One)

The data based conversation we had in Episode 9: I've Got 99 Problems, But (After Listening to This...

Episode 9: I've Got 99 Problems, But (After Listening to this Episode) Data Migration Ain't One

Hello and welcome back to The RevOps Show! I know we keep talking about it, but if you’re watching...

Episode 7: Everything You Wanted to Know About Deal Desks (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Today's episode is the last one of the year. To all of our listeners and viewers out there, thank...

Episode 6: CRM is Change Management - How to Succeed

Today let’s talk about the challenge of changing CRM within a sales organization; change management...

Episode 5: How to Increase CRM Adoption

Let’s talk about CRM adoption and the difficulties around adoption. This includes what the right...